Trista Pan

SphereEx Co-Founder & CTO, Apache Member & Incubator Mentor, Apache ShardingSphere PMC, AWS Data Hero, China Mulan Open Source Community Mentor, Tencent Cloud TVP.

She used to be responsible for the design and development of the intelligent database platform of JD Digital Science and Technology. She now focuses on the distributed database & middleware ecosystem, and open-source community. Recipient of the “2020 China Open-Source Pioneer” award, the “2021 OSCAR 2021 Top Open Source Pioneer” and CSDN’s 2021 “IT Leading Personality”. Her paper “Apache ShardingSphere, A Holistic and Pluggable Platform for Data Sharding” was published on ICDE in 2022. Most recently in 2022 she was voted as “Chief Technology Officer of the Year” by Globee Awards. As the first author, she wrote a book titled A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere which was published by Packt in 2022.

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English NameTrista Pan
CityBeijing, China
Professional TitleSphereEx Co-Founder & CTO
Community TitleApache Member & Incubator Mentor | Apache ShardingSphere PMC | Apache Incubator brpc & AGE & HugeGraph Mentor | AWS Data Hero | Tencent Cloud TVP.


  • Master degree, major in Visual pattern retrieval and Cloud computing, Sep.2014-Jun.2016, Dalian Maritime University
  • Bachelor degree, major in Software developing, Sep.2010-Jun.2014, Hebei Normal University


  • SphereEx Co-Founder & CTO
  • Senior DBA at JD.com
  • PMC at Apache ShardingSphere - Distributed Database Middleware Platform
  • Core Developer at JDTX - Distributed Transaction Middleware Platform (JDTX, None-OpenSource)
  • Head of Automated Database Management Platform (MySQL, Python, DevOps)
  • Database Management for MySQL (Data modeling, Recovery, Back up, Performance etc.)

Event & Conference Appearances






  • 2019 China Open Source Summit, “Apache ShardingSphere Distributed Database Middleware Architecture Evolution”
  • Apache DolphinScheduler & Apache ShardingSphere co-meetup roundtable discussion
  • 2019 PostgreSQL China Conference, “The Integration of JD Digital Science and Technology Distributed Transaction JDTX and Database Middleware Apache ShardingSphere”
  • 2019 China Open Source Annual Conference, “0 to 1: Apache ShardingSphere Open Source Ecosystem Evolution”
  • System Architect Conference China 2019, “ApacheShardingSphere Data Platform Evolution”
  • 2019 HUAWEI Connection + Apache meetup, “Insight into the Distributed Transaction Solution Developed by ShardingSphere and ServiceComb”
  • 2019 JD Technology Salon, “Pratice and Exploration of Distributed Database Middleware in JD Digital Science and Technology Production”
  • 2019 DBAPlus Vol. 183, “Practice of Distributed Database Middleware in JD.com”
  • 2019 Tech Day of SequoiaDB, “Analysis and Application of Open Source Distributed Database Middleware Architecture”


  • 2018 PostgreSQL China Conference, “Apache ShardingSphere (Incubating) Cloud Architecture Evolution”
  • IAS 2018 Internet Architecture Summit, “Apache ShardingSphere (Incubating) Cloud Architecture Evolution”
  • 2018 China Software Technology Conference, “How to Build the Cloud Architecture of Distributed Database Middleware”
  • MSUP The Road to Excellence in R&D, “How to Build the Cloud Architecture of Distributed Database Middleware”
  • 2018 Data Technology Carnival, “Distributed Database Architecture Evolution”
  • 58 Zhuanzhuan Technical Seminar, “Apache ShardingSphere Kernel Analysis”
  • Beike Finance Technical Seminar, “A Preliminary Exploration of Apache ShardingSphere Ecosystem”
  • Hosted the 2018 Open-Source Database Forum and First MariaDB Chinese User Conference
  • Eleme Technology Salon, “Insight into Apache ShardingSphere Ecosystem”


  • ACMUG2017 MySQL Annual Meeting, “Design and Practice of Automated and Smart Operation and Maintenance at JD Finance”
  • ODF 2017 Open Source Database Forum (Taipei), “Pursuing Progress while Ensuring Stability: Create High Availability and Automation for JD Finance MySQL Operation and Maintenance”

Articles & Written Contributions

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